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Excel Contacts to Outlook

Instant Solution to Convert Innumerable Contacts in One Go

  • Bulk conversion of contacts from Excel spreadsheet to MS Outlook
  • Omission of duplicate entries from Excel sheet before conversion
  • Straight configuration of all Excel contacts to Outlook
  • Facilitates in the creation of Distribution List in MS Outlook
  • Requires configuration of MS Outlook in system to perform conversion

Striking Features of Excel Contacts to Outlook Application

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convert excel contacts in bulk

XLS to Outlook files

Transferring contacts from Excel to Outlook takes place with this application. You can keep all the details; first name, last name, phone number, email address, etc. in Outlook file and the software converts the CSV files too.

maps attributes

Maps Attributes

The software keeps the fields of the contacts in Excel file as it is in Outlook through the mapping feature. You will have to select the fields accordingly and add to the list for saving the contacts in Outlook.

exclude empty email address

Nullify Empty Fields

If there are empty fields in your Excel files mainly for the email address, the software gives the provision to exclude or to let in those fields after which it export Excel contact to Outlook.

remove duplicate contacts

Removes Duplicate Contacts

Excel exporter has an optional feature to exclude the duplicate contacts. The user can maintain the duplicate contacts available in the Excel sheet or can remove the duplicity and export the file to MS Outlook

save contacts in outlook

Direct Conversion to Outlook

Application directly export contacts from Excel to Outlook. For this configuration of MS Outlook is mandatory. Once the Excel sheet is exported, you can straightly view the contacts from Outlook.

create distribution list in outlook

Maintains Distribution List

Apart from saving the contacts in the Outlook contact, you can maintain a distribution list for the same. Excel Contacts to Outlook tool provides to create distribution list for the contacts and to name it in your way

Gains of Utilising Excel Contact Exporter Tool

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  • Add, Load and Preview contacts details stored in Excel sheet frequently
  • Easily map contact fields found in excel with MS Outlook attributes
  • Export contacts from Excel to Outlook without altering a single bit of info
  • Option to include or exclude duplicate contacts as per need
  • Facilitates to create Distribution List instead of saving contacts directly in Outlook address book
  • Export Excel Contacts to Outlook by downloading the tool an any version of Windows OS
Free Evaluation of the Tool

Sofware can be evaluated by the demo version free of cost which convert first 5 excel contacts



Get Full Edition

Full Edition of the tool helps to convert unlimited contacts



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Frequent Queries


Does the software convert more than one file at a time?
You can convert as many files as you want but, can't collectively convert the files. For this choose another file to convert after finishing the conversion of first loaded excel sheet
Is the tool compatible with all the versions of Windows?
Yes, Excel Contacts to Outlook software is applicable with all the version of Windows no matter which version is installed.
Is there any limit for contacts to be stored in Outlook?
No, you can store as many contacts as per your requiremnt. There is no limit for the contacts.
How will Outlook store the contacts?
Each contacts of a person is stored under one tile in the contact folder of Outlook. So, for each person Outlook provide different tiles.
Should I install Outlook in the system?
Yes, to convert Excel Contacts to Outlook its installation on the conversion machine is mandatory.
How the contacts fields get matched with Outlook fields?
The software is provided with a mapping feature. It allows to map the fields in Excel sheet to Outlook fields without any complexity.
Views of Our Clients
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No doubt the application is incredible in terms of working. Provide satisfactory outcome by transferring Excel contacts to Outlook in one go. Thanks to All members who put their hard efforts in developing this tool.

—Lauren Huge, Wellington

I am extremely happy that I utilized this software on the recommendation of my colleague. I wondered as it convert my 1000 of contacts from excel sheet with linked properties in a very small fraction of time. Just Thanks to all

— Carol Allen, Uganda

After the use of the software I can confidently say it is awesome. It converts innumerable contacts by mapping all Excel contacts fields together with Outlook with no data loss. Development of this tool is really a great work

— Frenzy Mark, Austria

All my contacts saved in Excel sheet were left as it is since copying and writing down to Outlook was difficult and I was lazy too. Suddenly I came to know about Excel Contacts to Outlook tool. Now, without any much effort I'm able to convert to Outlook

— Shannon Andrews, USA