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vCard Export

Convert Outlook Contacts to WAB, VCF, Google or Yahoo

  • Open and view all contacts of Microsoft Outlook Address Book
  • Convert bulk of Outlook contacts: vCard, WAB file, Yahoo/Google & CSV
  • Multiple Conversion Options: Configured profile, single, & bulk PSTs
  • Data Security & Retention Ensured: Contact fields and info retained
  • Works With All Windows Versions: Windows 8 and below

Remarkable Attributes of vCard Export Software

Convert Outlook Contacts in Batch

Convert Bulk Outlook Contacts

vCard Export is a feature rich application built on advanced algorithms. There are no limitations imposed by the software on the number of contacts converted. The tool supports conversion of Outlook contacts to multiple file types.

Option to Select PST in Single or Batch Mode

Multiple Conversion Modes

The application features multiple modes for the conversion of Outlook contacts. You can either select the address book of a configured Outlook profile. Or, you can also select PST file in single or batch mode, i.e. one or multiple PST files according to the convenience.

Preview Outlook Contacts

Preview Outlook Contacts

The conversion is based on progressed set of algorithms and thus, users are given the privilege to preview contacts before converting them. You can view the list of contacts present in the selected PST file or Outlook profile and preview individual contact details too.

Outlook Contacts to vCard

Outlook Contacts to vCard

Outlook contacts can be converted to VCF, i.e. vCard file. The output vCard file is compatible with all applications and devices that support vCard. You can either create a common vCard file for all the contacts or a single vCard file for each contact.

Contact Conversion to CSV

Contact Conversion to CSV

You can convert and save the contacts from your Outlook Address Book to a Comma Separated Values file (CSV). The file is accessible using Microsoft Excel and is a great medium for storing & maintaining unlimited number of contacts.

Outlook to Outlook Express

Outlook to Outlook Express

The software lets you switch your Outlook contacts to Outlook Express. You can convert contacts from one or multiple PST files to a Windows Address Book (WAB) file. However, it is necessary to have Outlook Express installed on the machine during conversion.

Unrestricted Contact Conversion

Unrestricted Contact Conversion

Unlimited number of contacts can be converted using the vCard Export utility in different formats. You can convert contacts from multiple address books or convert unlimited contacts from a single address book itself in VCF, WAB, Google & Yahoo format.

Selective Contact Conversion

Selective Contact Conversion

Once the address books or contacts of Outlook profile(s) have been loaded on the software, one can choose which ones to convert. The software UI features checkboxes against each contact and each address book to promote selective conversion.

Contact Fields Maintained

Contact Fields Maintained

The contacts are loaded and converted with complete data retention. Each field of the contact can be previewed as well as converted exactly in the form that they exist. The tool precisely deals with maintaining the contact fields both; during and throughout the conversion

User Friendly Interface

Intuitive User Interface

The application has a very user friendly graphical user interface. Thus, the operations of the tool are not only easy for the technically sound users but also for naïve users. The UI consists of self-explanatory buttons and options that make software usage simplified.

Perks of using vCard Export Tool


  • Bulk of contacts can be converted from a configured Outlook profile's address book
  • Contact conversion can take place from single as well as bulk of orphan Outlook PST files at a time
  • Converted contacts can be stored within a vCard file each or collectively into a single vCard file
  • Output vCard can further be used on all supported applications, platforms, and devices successfully
  • CSV for Yahoo and Google account created separately with respective fields supported by each
  • Complete contact details are transferred from the Outlook address book without modification of any sort made
  • A detailed preview of contacts provided before proceeding with the conversion for a thorough check
  • Contacts can be sorted for arrangement in a desired order that makes the conversion convenient
Freeware Trial

There is a freeware version of the application that offers to convert 15 contacts from the selected Outlook address book. The output format could be any but conversion is limited to 15 contacts. However, there is no limitation on any other features portrayed by the tool



Licensed Purchase

Full version of the tool is available in Multiple Licenses like personal, business oriented, or organizational respectively. All applied limitations are eliminated once the purchase is made and unlimited contact conversion can be carried out at a worthy investment.



Grounds that vCard Export Solution a Desirable Solution

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Outlook, for its personal data storage facility apart from email conversations, has become a preferable Email Client and Personal Information Manager over the time. As emails can be stored individually besides storage in its proprietary format PST, even contacts can be stored in the same manner but as vCard format. vCard being a very flexible and highly versatile contact information storage file is used by Outlook. The same file is used for contact storage in smartphones, supported on other email platforms (both web and desktop based), etc.

Thus, a number of times Outlook users come across the need of converting and storing contacts from their profile to a file format that can be further used without limitations being imposed. However, doing so is only possible with a limited number of contacts only and not when the quantity is bulk and uncountable

This happens because Outlook only lets users save one contact at a time from their profile as a vCard file. Therefore, in order to save multiple of them, using a third party application becomes necessary.

vCard Export fits in the scene very well as the tool is perfectly built for the conversion of Outlook contacts regardless of the output type. Not only a vCard file but the software can convert contacts from Outlook address book to a CSV for Gmail and Yahoo as well as a Windows Address Book files too.

In addition to that, the conversion to vCard file also comes in a variety, i.e. either the contacts can be saved in an individual vCard file each or they can be extracted collectively into a single vCard too. Apart from that the tool comes with a freeware version for testing, other advanced features that enhances its performance, and more.

Queries of Converting Outlook Contacts With vCard Export


Is it possible to convert contacts from Outlook to vCard altogether?
Yes, you can convert as many contacts as possible from Outlook address book to any of the featured output formats. You cannot only convert multiple contacts altogether but also convert them from multiple address books.
How can we extract contacts from multiple Outlook archives instantly?
You can use vCard Export with Bulk File selection mode, i.e. Folder option. Once you have browsed the folder consisting of Outlook PSTs just select the output format in which you need the contacts to be converted into from those files and proceed. Note that extracting contacts to vCard will be benefitting due to the file's flexibility.
What can I do to directly transfer my Outlook contacts to my Gmail profile?
You can extract the contacts from the Outlook profile or PST file into Google CSV format featured by the software. This will create a CSV file with contact fields mapped exactly as supported in Gmail
Is it possible to select the contacts I specifically want to convert instead of all?
Yes you can convert selective contacts instead of all. The software interface comes with checkboxes provided against each contact as well as address book. Using the checkbox will determine contact to be and not to be converted.
Can I check the software and know about it before making the purchase?
Yes of course you can check the software before purchasing it. Download and Install the Trial of the software and run it for a demonstration of its working. The limitation would be of converting only 15 contacts to any of the output format. Apart from that the software can be operated exactly the way licensed version works.
User Feedbacks That Keep Us Going with Consistency
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Working out the issue of maintaining so many contacts from Outlook profile meant first getting them out of the account which was not so easy. Thankfully, not only did vCard Export help in exporting bulk of contacts but it also gave plenty of options to do so. However, we chose vCard due to its flexibility

— Minna Alston, Boston

vCard Export is undoubtedly my personal favorite application now. It helped me get my Outlook contacts transferred to my Android phone without a tedious procedure followed. Unlike what I thought, third party applications really are good, especially this one, if not all!

— Frances Hawkins, Austria

I would like to congratulate the team before vCard Export for not only being able to work this solution out but also for being the developers of one of the most liked software program in the online market today as per what I believe. I thoroughly enjoyed using this application.

— Dixie Vaughn, Greece

Before getting vCard Export I had used a lot of similar applications. However, the experience was evidently not fulfilling thus, I had to approach other solutions. That's how I came across this great tool. The developers have done a fabulous job!

— Jerome Bryant, Serbia